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Discord interactions with HeyBilly, the advanced voice assistant.

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Ask Billy

Once listening, Billy can answer all kinds of questions, provide information, and help with tasks.

The Server DJ

Billy can stream and control your favorite music from YouTube.

Real-Time Data

Billy knows when you want to see real-time data like stock prices, weather, and more.

Complex Queries

"Hey Billy, turn up the volume and post some Lo-Fi music to Discord!"

Pay Per Guild

Once a Discord server has an active subscription for HeyBilly, any member in the server can use it.

Pics, GIFs, and More

Ask Billy to post a funny GIF or maybe ask for a cat picture. You can also ask Billy to post a specific video.

Listens to You

Is everyone talking over each other? No problem, Billy can listen to each person individually.

Privacy Minded

Built by developers who want to make the Internet a better place. Check out our privacy policy.

Easy to Use

After subscribing, HeyBilly is easy to use and can be added to your server in seconds.

20+ Voices

The owner of the server can change Billy's voice at any time adding a touch of personality.

Per User Consent

Have someone who doesn't want to be recorded? No problem, Billy is turned off until they opt-in.

Integrated with ChatGPT

The responses you get are powered by OpenAI's models, the most advanced language models available.

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